Webcore Labs ProActive Server Management

Webcore ProActive Server management allows businesses and organizations to focus on their tasks without the worry or additional IT staffing resources for management of your server.
All management services start at the time of server deployment and include the following:

Install and update requested OS
Operating System configuration and optimization
Installation, configuration and optimization of each service (web, mail, database)
Hosting Control Panel Installation - if requested
Install Server Security Applications
Install and configure server/service monitoring
Install real time anti-virus and reporting systems
Configuration of firewall and server hardening
Installation and configuration of R1soft backup solutions (15 data points)
**24x7 monitoring and response for all critical services - includes client notification of repeated service alerts
**Alerts and response to server resources - with customer notification
Management of all OS updates through automated and manual implementation/configuration
Full monitoring and management of customer backups and restores
24x7 Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam scanning with customer notifications
Includes one hour monthly (calendar based) of customer requested configuration/changes
Continous monitoring and updating of your firewall for new threats and vulnerabilities

** Our team thoroughly investigates and responds to each server alert. When customer contact is required - we'll provide your team with useful information, what steps were taken by our team, decisions to be made by your team and/or steps that can be taken to prevent reoccurrence of any issue/alert.

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