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Webcore Labs celebrates over a decade of web hosting services, 10 years obsessing about client satisfaction and support.
Webcore labs offers a full range of business grade hosting plans from inexpensive starter packages on our shared hosting environment to professional business applications on VPS Cloud Servers. We can also tailor any hosting requirement into a custom solution. Just contact us and we'll work with you to get you what you need at a price you can afford

Our Linux clusters provide our clients with the most accessible, reliable and performance oriented method for hosting company websites, email, databases, and custom applications.

Webcore Labs' service provides superior performance, support, abundance of storage, email, bandwidth and management features.
But most importantly, we pride ourselves in providing friendly and personalized customer support. Knowledgeable hosting professionals are standing by to help you setup your business or organization with a hosting package, register a domain name or answer any questions you may have.

History and Milestones

Webcore Labs was founded on the basic principles of unmatched customer service/support, along with quality, performance, and reliability required for delivering online solutions to businesses and organizations. A separate company was spun off to provide application development to meet the requirements our customers desired, while Webcore Labs provided the hosting infrastructure.

In 2003 we offered hosting to the general public under the same founding principles that Webcore Labs provided to its application development customers.

By 2006 we knew we had outgrown our current data center and hosting infrastructure.

In 2007 we executed a change to a completely clustered shared environment based on new infrastructure, along with moving all colocation and dedicated server customers to a new data center based in Dallas, Texas USA with the purpose to provide faster, more reliable, and expanded services to our valued customers. This was a major infrastructure/platform change and the migration had its share of bumps. Our valued customers stood by us through this sometimes painful process and we emerged with a very unique, high performance solution for the time. We also implemented a more robust and reliable enterprise backup system to separate hard disk based backup servers, with daily backups on all shared and managed servers utilizing R1Soft.

In 2009 we expanded our services again with VPS/VPS Cloud solutions as customer requirements for isolation, dedicated resources, and application scalability evolved and grew and was based on the latest technology and performance available utilizing enterprise grade components and technology. Offering this new solution was a big deal for those customers requiring dedicated resources in an isolated environment. And they wanted it at a fraction of the cost that dedicated servers provided with the same performance of the day.

In 2011 we expanded again by opening a data center in Toronto, Canada that offered all clustered shared environments, along with VPS/VPS Cloud servers. This provided our customers the option of hosting in our Dallas, Texas, USA and/or Toronto, Canada depending on their needs. We also introduced our customers to SpamExperts Enterprise, the anti-spam solution for email on a limited basis.

In 2012 we implemented a new backup system along with easy to use controls available to each individual customer. This allowed our customers to have better access to their data to restore an entire domain/multiple domains, a single/multiple file(s), a database table/entire database, or their email from within their account. Customers loved the flexibility of having a new and powerful hands-on approach to their websites. The technology was based on the same separate hard-disk based backup servers we had always used.

In late 2013 we began to look inward and spent time analyzing every aspect of our business. From our founding principles, and offerings, to our support systems, hardware infrastructure, and datacenters, we searched for areas to improve our products and services, including the quality of our customer experience. We spent a lot of time and energy analyzing every aspect of our services - what was great, and not so great, and what improvements could we make to better service our valued customers.

In early 2014 our thorough analysis revealed our current facilities and vendors just weren't good enough, so a plan was put in place to change everything to provide simply the best hosting performance, reliability, range of services, and support to our customers.

Migrations - We realized we needed a more robust TierIV facility and had to deploy all new high-performance enterprise grade servers for all services with 2N+1 redundancy. The migration was completed in August and unlike the previous migration, this was completed without downtime to customers and/or interruption of services! Since the migration we've achieved 100% uptime for all shared and VPS Cloud servers outside of scheduled reboots for required critical updates.
Our new Canadian facility, located in Quebec, Canada is world class and you can learn more about the network and facility with a click. Not only is the hardware new, but we've completely revamped our support systems along with adding new billing, sales, and support team members.

Backups - After weighing the benefits, we chose to go back to using R1Soft backup systems. Sure, the previous solution provided the controls for end users and in theory saved our staff time but people are human and customers accidentally deleted files, emails, or corrupted databases with code pushes. It was also fraught with end users or customers restoring the wrong aspects required (restoration of a single database table that had other dependent tables/data) resulting in our staff being involved in most restorations. The previous solution also required dumping all databases (MySQL, pgSQL, MS SQL) locally on the server before backup. This was not a problem on shared database servers/customers, but often came as a great cost to disk space for those customers utilizing VPS Cloud servers with large databases. Now, we offer completely managed backups/restores.

Hosting Services - We revamped every hosting plan and offering to better reflect the needs of both current and future customers based on our new infrastructure. Our HSphere control panel services have been updated to the latest version available. All new HSphere Linux servers deployed will have multiple PHP versions available on a per domain basis. Expanded SpamExperts Enterprise anti-spam solution is available to all customers and added to all shared mail servers for outgoing mail.

Site Changes - Webcore Labs' old website just didn't reflect our company or the products we provide sufficiently. We've built a whole new domain portal that will allow complete domain management by our existing customer base and future customers.

What's Next?

We have set out on an ambitious plan that includes adding cPanel based hosting services, private cloud servers, enterprise SSD based server options, including a US based presence to expand customer hosted location choices. It's not going to be easy, but our goal is to make the hosting experience better for all our customers, even those who haven't met us yet. Give us a call, let us show you how Webcore Labs can revolutionize your hosting experience.

Last updated: 11/17/2014

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