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All VPS/Cloud servers are not created equal. Webcore Labs is proud of their resource management, quality of service, performance, and reliability extended to all our VPS Cloud customers.  We often get questions related to these services and have outlined some of the most pertinent questions/comments with answers below.

Why should I choose a VPS Cloud server over less expensive shared hosting or a dedicated server?

There are many reasons to choose a VPS Cloud server over shared or dedicated server hosting. In short - a VPS Cloud server will offer you the isolation of your services, performance, security, custom configuration ability, and hard resources of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost. It allows scaling your resources during heavy traffic periods and then removing/reducing the resources during less intensive periods for increased savings. Dedicated servers utilizing Enterprise components would be cost prohibitive to the average customer for their actual needs.

Why should I choose a Webcore Labs VPS Cloud server over another hosting vendors offering the same?

The short answer is - not all vendors offerings are the same. Webcore Labs master servers are built on highly redundant and performance enhanced infrastructure utilizing only Enterprise Grade components. Webcore Labs utilizes a minimum of 8*600GB Enterprise SAS drives in Hardware RAID 10 formation with Enterprise caching battery backup RAID controllers. We currently utilize a minimum of Dual Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670 v2 @ 2.50GHz. and Fast 1600 MHz ECC RAM with redundant 2N A+B power for all servers.

Other VPS and Cloud Server vendors utilize similar components - the performance and reliability will be the same!

The short answer is - not all vendors manage their master servers for maximum performance. Vendors often oversell their services (RAM and CPU) which can lead to a performance hit for your virtual machine, causing high server loads and high disk I/O. Overselling of allocated resources can affect your virtual machine server loads, performance, reliability/uptime, and overall cost.

Webcore Labs does not oversell, overload, and/or over-allocate the master servers resources in any way.  The allocated resources you purchase at Webcore Labs, will be the resources you can utilize running at their peak performance - all of the time. 

Other VPS and Cloud Server vendors state they do not oversell their resources

Just ask our sales department and we'll be happy to show you the current master server resource usage your VPS Cloud Server will be deployed upon, and/or the usage after deployment of your server.  See the example.

"Impeccable service and performance! Since moving my servers over to Webcore Labs, the performance of my website(s) has improved significantly with a noticeable/measurable increase in speed. No longer are my servers running high loads - no down time, no errors, problems, or issues. Just increased performance and reliability. 100% recommended."
- Brett Callaghan

Last updated: 11/17/2014

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